Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Day Omaha Public School Foundation honors the wisdom of Martin Luther King every day. Let us not forget the challenge to carry out his mission. Ask yourself today…

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’” Martin Luther King

Let us celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day by working on our education, by making it a package of intelligence and character building.

Neighboring Friends

Neighboring Friends

Neighboring Friends

Our mission is to promote inclusion and communication with students who are nonverbal through purposeful and interactive activities with JP Lord School and partnering neighborhood organizations.

Our vision is to build a community of reciprocity which promotes inclusion, provides peer models, and sparks new learning so that all participants grow and bloom to their potential.

A gathering Place

A Great Gathering Place

JP Lord School is the first school building in North America built specifically for children with severe physical and cognitive delays. It has a fully accessible gym, cafeteria, and stage. There is also a sensory room, and therapy pool for students to enjoy. JP Lord School is in the process of developing a sensory playground and community garden. The sensory rich school, playground, and garden is the perfect tapestry for community involvement, and will allow JP Lord students and neighboring friends to discover together, the unique benefits of an outreach program whose curriculum promotes inclusion and communication with non-verbal students.

Neighboring Friends


JP Lord students have severe cognitive and physical disabilities and need a self-contained school so specialized staff can focus on meeting the needs of each individual child. Creating opportunities for role models who are non-disabled to participate in the program, would build diversity into the school and be more representative of the inclusive school setting the district promotes.

Many people do not know how to appropriately communicate with people who are non verbal. A program at school that encourages community involvement will provide unique opportunities for people to connect and interact with non-verbal students in a purposeful and meaningful way and can have a far-reaching impact in our community.

JP Lord School Student Leadership

The community needs JP Lord. Bringing the community into JP Lord provides the unique opportunity for leadership and communication for students with an ambassador program with teachers modeling communication for community friends.Neighboring Friends also provides opportunities to address the lack of programs for special needs adults. Previous students can participate in activities which will give the community opportunities to engage with disabled people of all ages.

A donation to Neighboring Friends will support visits from community performers in music, theatre, and dance ; storytelling, literature and book projects; visual arts projects led by artists in painting, clay, collage and more; gardening projects; appreciation for the staff…and so much more.

Please consider a donation to Neighboring Friends!

2021-2022 Luvabulls Fundraiser

South High Luvabulls

“We are the Omaha South High Luvabulls. A dance team filled with students who have a passion for dance and uplifting and empowering our community. Because Covid took a toll on school spirit, we have been working hard to rebuild and embody the true meaning of school spirit. Along with performing at various school and community events, we have created and advertised football game themes, participated in school spirit weeks, and created a school spirit initiative plan for basketball season.

We have helped our community by participating in the Cinco de Mayo festivities, providing entertainment at the “Holiday with the Blue” event, volunteering at alumni spaghetti dinners, hosting a haunted house at the “Night on L” event, and performing at various other community events. Our team is filled with diverse perspectives and backgrounds brought together by our love for dance and our community.

As a self-funded team, we would greatly appreciate the support to be able to travel to dance competitions and showcases without the fear of major costs. Your support would help us with a choreographer, music, uniforms, transportation, and any additional fees.”

Thank You!

Thank you for your generous donations
on Giving Tuesday.
We’re so very grateful for all our supporters.



In January we will begin another round of Teacher Wish Lists! Your donations allow us to continue our mission of supporting the hard working teachers of the Omaha Public Schools.





Giving Tuesday


Don Bacon Honoring OPSF

Thank you Don Bacon for sharing your time today and honoring the Omaha Public Schools Foundation! Being recognized on the House floor for our work enriching the lives of Omaha Public Schools students and staff is so appreciated! (And happy birthday today to our Superintendent Dr. Logan!)

Kids Club Registration Notification

OPSF Kids Club

Kids Club Registration will be open most Mondays from 7:00 am to 9:00 am and again from 6:00pm to 8:00 pm.

Please note that it will take time to process new registrations and the Kids Club service will not be available to newly registered students for one week from the registration date. (In most cases the following Monday.)


Inscripciones estaran abiertas la mayoria de todos los Lunes de 7 am a 9 am y de 6 pm a 8 pm.
Nota: El proceso de registro tomara una semana. Los nuevos estudiantes atenderan hasta el siguiente Lunes.