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Castelar Elementary is located at 2316 S. 18th Street in the heart of South Omaha. We have over 500 students that range from grades pre-k through 5th grade. Our school offers English as a Second Language support, a unique K-5 Dual Language Program and a top-rated Kids Club before school program / Zoo Afterschool Program. Castelar’s mission is to inspire lifelong learners in achieving excellence.

It is important that the entire school community work together and collaborate to create a strong and safe learning environment. Therefore, the involvement of parents and our community, as part of our team, ensures that each child will achieve both academic and social success.

The Castelar PTO seeks to provide financial support to the Castelar community. We greatly appreciate your support and thank you for any contribution you can make.

Jackson Theater

Disney Musicals in Schools



Jackson Elementary has started a theater program using the Disney Musicals in School program!  We are developing a sustainable theater program by selling tickets to our show and doing a costume sale in October, a bake sale in December and selling concessions at our show in February.  To help us get started this year, we need additional funding for sound equipment, stage supplies and basic costume pieces. 
If you would like to help us get started in our inaugural year, please consider making a donation!  We’d also love to see you at our show on February 24th or 25th at Jackson Elementary!  Links to tickets are available below.

Frozen Kids is the popular Disney story set in the magical land of Arendelle of two sisters who discover that love can conquer all!  

The shows are Feb 24 at 6:30pm and Feb 25 at 6:30pm at Jackson Elementary in the Gym.  The door to the gym (back side of the school) will be the entry door and the door will “open” at 6:00pm.  All tickets will be held at will call.  


Disney Musicals in Schools builds sustainable theater programs in under-resourced public elementary schools. By providing free performance materials and free professional development to participating teachers, Disney Musicals in Schools has helped schools across the country launch new theater programs. Find out if Disney Musicals in Schools is offered in your city, and learn how to get involved!


Robert Gilder Scholarship


To provide one time financial assistance, for one Omaha Public Schools seniors, who attended Gilder.


$500  payable to an educational institution of recipient’s choice. Verification of enrollment should be sent directly to the Omaha Schools Foundation for payment directly to the educational institution.

Eligible Recipients:

Graduating seniors from an Omaha Public High School who attended Gilder for a minimum of two years and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Attended Gilder for at least two (2) years.
  2. Have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.
  3. Student must submit an unofficial transcript.
  4. Be a graduating senior from an OPS high school
  5. Plan to attend a college, university, vocational-technical, nursing, business, or other school of higher learning in the summer or fall term following graduation.
  6. Submit a Short Essay to: “Tell us about yourself. In your response, include important things you would want us to know about you and discuss a meaningful time/experience in your life that has shaped who you are.”
  7. Submit a Short Essay on the topic: “Why I Want To Further My Education.” If you have decided, indicate what your major of study will be.
  8. Student must include a resume listing activities, volunteer and job experiences.

Selection Procedure:

Final recipients will be chosen by the Gilder Scholarship Committee.

Should you be selected for this award, please send verification of your enrollment at the college or university of your choice and a “Thank You” note directed to the donor to Omaha Public Schools Foundation. The award will be forwarded to the college of choice upon receipt.

Administered By:

The Omaha Public Schools Foundation Toba Cohen Dunning
3861 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68131

Omaha Public Schools Winter Guard

WinterGuard Logo

The Omaha Public Schools Winter Arts program looks to engage color guard students in all high schools through full year instead of just the summer and fall. By combining schools and resources, we are able to bring an activity to parts of the OPS community that historically have had little to no participation as well as creating a collaborative space for students to develop connections and relationships with their peers throughout the district.

We anticipate the cost of the 2022-2023 season will range from $150 to $200 per student, which we do not ask them to pay out of pocket. Any little bit can help ensure that this activity can flourish within our community.

I Love Public Schools Fundraising

I Love Public Schools

I Love Public Schools aims to connect audiences to the humanity of public schools to amplify pride and increase support.

By bringing to life the stories of dedication, innovation, and compassion that take place every day in our schools, this campaign intends to spark conversations about and inspire pride in public schools.

“I Love Public Schools” is a personal declaration of commitment to the success of all our kids. 

Your support is imperative. Our public schools educate more than 90 percent of Nebraska’s students and provide specialized services for all children, regardless of their school. With politically-charged attacks, threats of disinvestment, and privatization, the challenges for Nebraska’s public schools and the services they provide are greater than ever.

We are inviting people to support a shared vision — celebrating the critical role our public schools play in a thriving society.


I Love Public Schools

Give to the I Love Public Schools Campaign today.

The Omaha Public Schools Foundation is recognized as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. It is incorporated under Nebraska Law as a nonprofit corporation. No administrative fees are taken and 100% of your donation will be allocated to the I Love Public Schools Campaign.

Send your check made out to the “Omaha Public Schools Foundation” to:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation
Attention: I Love Public Schools
3861 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68131

Liberty Elementary PTO

Liberty Elementary PTO

“Building a strong connections between families and our school, to support all who serve our children”

Get involved!

Every Friday from 11am to 1pm, volunteers are invited to come help in the cafeteria, library, or with school projects. More opportunities to help at other times are available, if you’d like to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application here. 

No time to help?

Please consider a donation to help us connect families to our school! All donations are tax deductible and GREATLY appreciated!

Contact information:

402-342-9684 (bilingual)
Follow us on Facebook @OmahaLibertyPTO

Grupo de Padres de Familia de Liberty

“Construyendo fuertes vínculos entre familias y nuestra escuela, para apoyar a todos los que cuidan de nuestros niños.”


Cada Viernes, de 11am a 1pm, todos estan invitados a ayudar en la cafeteria, en la libreria escolar, o con proyectos de maestros. Tambien hay mas oportunidades de ayudar. Si te gustaria venir de voluntario, por favor llena la applicacion aquí. 

No tiene tiempo para ser voluntario?

Por favor considera hacer un donativo para ayudarnos a conectar a las familias con nuestra escuela! Todos los donativos son deducibles de impuestos y los apreciamos MUCHO!