I Love Public Schools Fundraising

I Love Public Schools

I Love Public Schools aims to connect audiences to the humanity of public schools to amplify pride and increase support.

By bringing to life the stories of dedication, innovation, and compassion that take place every day in our schools, this campaign intends to spark conversations about and inspire pride in public schools.

“I Love Public Schools” is a personal declaration of commitment to the success of all our kids. 

Your support is imperative. Our public schools educate more than 90 percent of Nebraska’s students and provide specialized services for all children, regardless of their school. With politically-charged attacks, threats of disinvestment, and privatization, the challenges for Nebraska’s public schools and the services they provide are greater than ever.

We are inviting people to support a shared vision — celebrating the critical role our public schools play in a thriving society.


I Love Public Schools

Give to the I Love Public Schools Campaign today.

The Omaha Public Schools Foundation is recognized as a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. It is incorporated under Nebraska Law as a nonprofit corporation. No administrative fees are taken and 100% of your donation will be allocated to the I Love Public Schools Campaign.

Send your check made out to the “Omaha Public Schools Foundation” to:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation
Attention: I Love Public Schools
3861 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68131

Liberty Elementary PTO

Liberty Elementary PTO

“Building a strong connections between families and our school, to support all who serve our children”

Get involved!

Every Friday from 11am to 1pm, volunteers are invited to come help in the cafeteria, library, or with school projects. More opportunities to help at other times are available, if you’d like to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application here. 

No time to help?

Please consider a donation to help us connect families to our school! All donations are tax deductible and GREATLY appreciated!

Contact information:

402-342-9684 (bilingual)
Follow us on Facebook @OmahaLibertyPTO

Grupo de Padres de Familia de Liberty

“Construyendo fuertes vínculos entre familias y nuestra escuela, para apoyar a todos los que cuidan de nuestros niños.”


Cada Viernes, de 11am a 1pm, todos estan invitados a ayudar en la cafeteria, en la libreria escolar, o con proyectos de maestros. Tambien hay mas oportunidades de ayudar. Si te gustaria venir de voluntario, por favor llena la applicacion aquí. 

No tiene tiempo para ser voluntario?

Por favor considera hacer un donativo para ayudarnos a conectar a las familias con nuestra escuela! Todos los donativos son deducibles de impuestos y los apreciamos MUCHO!



2023 Vietnam Veterans Parade

Press Release  Lt. Colonel Michael DeBolt (402) 980-0554 Director of Army Instruction

Omaha Public Schools Vietnam Parade Fundraiser

Omaha, NE- The National Vietnam Veterans Parade takes place March 29, 2023 on Vietnam Veterans Day in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaii was the state that our Vietnam Veterans left from to the war and came home to after the war. It is fitting that this great state play host to the largest welcome home event for our Vietnam Veterans. This parade will feature Omaha Public Schools Junior ROTC cadets.

The school district will be represented by 32 cadets and 8 chaperones. A fundraiser is scheduled at Northwest High school on October 9th.  Cadets are collecting pledges for each lap they march around the track with a goal of 20 laps or 5 miles. Each lap represents each year the United was in Vietnam, 1 November 1955 – 30 April 1975.

Army JROTC traces its history back to the American Scientific, Literary, and Military Academy, later known as Norwich University, founded in 1776 by Captain Alden Partridge. Then, under the National Defense Acts of 1916, High Schools were allowed to have federal military equipment and instructors. This marks the birth of Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps. Ever since then, Army JROTC has grown to include over 1,725 schools all across the United States and its territories.  Omaha Public Schools started its program in 1893 and has over 900 cadets in nine high schools.

To motivate and develop young people to become better citizens is the goal of Junior ROTC. To accomplish this goal, it combines classroom instruction and extracurricular activities oriented on attaining an awareness of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges of citizenship; developing the student’s sense of personal responsibility; building life skills; and providing leadership opportunities.

Omaha Junior ROTC cadets have participated in pass out of the classroom opportunities by traveling to the battlefields of France for the 70th and 75th Anniversary of D-Day and participated in the 75th Pearl Harbor Commemoration Ceremony.  The travel changes students’ lives for the better by experiencing new and different cultures. Of those that made the trips, 92% say that it has a lasting impact on their worldview, and more than half say it was the most important experience of their lives

Schedule of March-A-Thon Events

March-a-thon (9am to 11am)

Date: Sunday, October 9th

Northwest High School

8204 Crown Point Ave.

Donations can be made to Omaha Schools Foundation:

3861 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68131

Buena Vista Home School Partnership

BUENA VISTA HIGH SCHOOLThe Buena Vista School Home Partnership (BVSHP)is the parent and family organization for Buena Vista High School.  This group supports the involvement of families in the educational experiences of their students at Buena Vista and includes four subcommittees:

  • School support
  • Parent education
  • Athletic boosters
  • Fine arts boosters

As families choose to donate to the BVSHP they can select one of the subcommittees to direct their funds, or the BVSHP as a whole.  Thank you for your support of Buena Vista High School!

Buena Vista Cheer Team

Buena Vista Cheer TeamBuena Vista High School is proud to offer varsity and sub-varsity athletics as a part of the Metropolitan High School Activities Association Conference and the Nebraska School Activities Association.

The newly formed Cheer Team needs help with purchasing cheer shoes, accessories, backpacks, waters, Gatorades and snacks for the members.

Any donation is appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.