Springville Elementary’s Campaign of Giving 2022-2023

Springville EaglesHello Springville Families,

Each year Springville offers opportunities for students, staff and our community that go above and beyond the classroom and the traditional educational day such as treats for Grand Friends Day, Staff Appreciation luncheons and treats, rewards for attendance and growth on district and state assessments, Springville gear, supplies for teachers and staff, and so much more.  All of these are made possible through donations and funds raised by our community, you.

Starting this year, Springville will have a fund-raising campaign with a goal to raise money for our Springville Student & Staff Activity Account through the Omaha Public Schools Foundation.  This account is used to pay for items, activities, and opportunities beyond that of our general and PTO budgets.

This fall the Springville’s Student & Staff Activity account’s primary focus is continuing to support our AMAZING teachers and staff as they put their hearts and, many times, their personal dollars into educating our children. We would like to do what we can to give back to each of them as they continue to struggle with educational and emotional complications from the pandemic.

ALL money raised during this campaign will DIRECTLY SUPPORT Springville teachers, staff, and students.

Our PRIMARY goal is to reimburse staff for purchases of items used for classroom supplies/equipment, show teacher and staff appreciation throughout the school year, provide innovative teaching materials, etc. to support classroom learning.

Additional Goals: Fund special events such as staff luncheons and treat and appreciation days, student attendance incentives, state and MAP assessment celebration events, teacher appreciation week, etc.

EVERY donation amount is appreciated – $10, $20, $25 – it all adds up!     

Your donation is 100% Tax Deductible. 

Springville’s Student & Staff Activity Account donations are administered by Omaha Public Schools Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 organization. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law and go directly to the intended fund, program, project or scholarship. OPSF does not take any administrative fees.

You may send cash or check payable to the account below or use our secure payment gateway to donate online.

Springville Elementary Student & Staff Activity Account
Springville Elementary School
7400 N 60th St, Omaha, NE 68152

Food for Leadership

Supporting our Principal Supervisors and Program Directors

OPS Food for LeadershipOmaha Public Schools believes strongly in providing opportunities for staff to learn and grow in their profession and as leaders. We support current and aspiring leaders in every aspect of our organization.

The Principal Supervisors rely on donor money and very often “out-of-pocket” money to provide breakfast, lunch or snacks on professional development days.

Our leaders deserve to be supported for the work they do day in and day out.

We are reaching out to our supporters to ask for their assistance. Sometimes little things go a long way and giving snacks or a meal is a worthy investment. If you would like to donate to this fund, please follow the link below to contribute online. You can also donate directly through the Omaha Public Schools Foundation. Send a check to:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation
3861 Farname St.
Omaha, NE 68131
Attention: Food for Leadership Fund

Neighboring Friends

Neighboring Friends

Our mission is to promote inclusion and communication with students who are nonverbal through purposeful and interactive activities with JP Lord School and partnering neighborhood organizations.

Our vision is to build a community of reciprocity which promotes inclusion, provides peer models, and sparks new learning so that all participants grow and bloom to their potential. 

A gathering Place

A Great Gathering Place

JP Lord School is the first school building in North America built specifically for children with severe physical and cognitive delays. It has a fully accessible gym, cafeteria, and stage. There is also a sensory room, and therapy pool for students to enjoy. JP Lord School is in the process of developing a sensory playground and community garden. The sensory rich school, playground, and garden is the perfect tapestry for community involvement, and will allow JP Lord students and neighboring friends to discover together, the unique benefits of an outreach program whose curriculum promotes inclusion and communication with non-verbal students.

Neighboring Friends


JP Lord students have severe cognitive and physical disabilities and need a self-contained school so specialized staff can focus on meeting the needs of each individual child. Creating opportunities for role models who are non-disabled to participate in the program, would build diversity into the school and be more representative of the inclusive school setting the district promotes.

Many people do not know how to appropriately communicate with people who are non verbal. A program at school that encourages community involvement will provide unique opportunities for people to connect and interact with non-verbal students in a purposeful and meaningful way and can have a far-reaching impact in our community.

JP Lord School Student Leadership

The community needs JP Lord. Bringing the community into JP Lord provides the unique opportunity for leadership and communication for students with an ambassador program with teachers modeling communication for community friends.Neighboring Friends also provides opportunities to address the lack of programs for special needs adults. Previous students can participate in activities which will give the community opportunities to engage with disabled people of all ages.

A donation to Neighboring Friends will support visits from community performers in music, theatre, and dance ; storytelling, literature and book projects; visual arts projects led by artists in painting, clay, collage and more; gardening projects; appreciation for the staff…and so much more.

Please consider a donation to Neighboring Friends!

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Monroe Student Council Fundraiser

Monroe MustangsThe students of Monroe Middle School are excited to announce a brand new Student Government Organization. Monroe is a Title I, low income school located in Nebraska. We have one of the most diverse schools in our school district, serving over 800 students in the community that represent cultures from all over the world.

We are looking for funds to get us started. Most Student Councils, StuGos, ASB’s, etc. have been in schools for awhile, giving them many years of fundraising opportunities and a healthy budget to work with.

Since this is our first year, we are in need of A LOT of supplies in order to be successful. We have an incredible team of students that are preparing to serve our school and they are excited to meet the challenge of starting our organization from the ground up.  We have already started successful projects such as our weekly Student Store, and our very first Spirit Week of the year.

We appreciate your support and look forward to a great year!

Benson High School Athletics

Benson BunniesWelcome Benson Friends, Family and Fans!

Benson High Athletics, the home of the Mighty Bunnies, has a long and rich athletic history.  We pride ourselves in the tradition of our programs and school spirit.  We would like to continue in the athletic and academic successes of our student-athletes.  Our community-based school is diverse with a student population of athletes from many walks of life.

Please help us support our Bunnies on the fields, on the mats and on the courts.  Donations will be used to purchase food for athletic events, snacks for travel, additional clothing items and equipment. 

We appreciate your support.  We hope to see you at our athletic events.  Check out our schedule at bensonhighathletics.com  

Go Bunnies