The Ian Jorden-Price Scholarship was founded after Ian had a severe asthma attack and his body was not able to recover. Ian lost his battle with asthma June 30, 2016. He would have graduated in the spring of 2017. We would like to offer this Scholarship in Memory of our son, brother, cousin, grandchild and friends. According to the American Lung Association, Ian was one of 7 million children who battle asthma, living day to day with the disease. Asthma is a chronic lung disease resulting from the exposure to allergens present in the environment. These irritants also known as “triggers” for asthmatics include pet dander, dust, chemicals, smoke, food related allergens, a simple cold, and the weather. There is little escape from a possible trigger when you are living with asthma depending on the severity of your illness.

Ian had a passion for Art and an even more exceptional gift to draw. Ian started drawing at a young age and over the years had developed confidence in his Artwork where his drawings became impeccable. We believe that Ian embraced his knack for Art knowing there was some physical and environmental limitations to his diagnosed severe asthma. Ian wanted to explore all types of art including painting, being a cartoonist or learning about graphic design (which was very evident in Ian’s love for video games)! Ian had planned on going to college to pursue an Art degree and with his skills – the sky was the limit to his abilities of blessing others with his gift.

On behalf of Ian’s desire for Art, The Ian Jorden-Price scholarship was created for others like Ian with asthma (or other similar disabilities) and/or are pursuing an Art degree major in college.

  • The Ian Jorden-Price Scholarship is a one-time annual award of $500-$1,000 scholarship given to two applicants each year.
  • This scholarship is awarded to educationally ambitious and hard-working individuals who have a desire to pursue an Art degree in college.
  • The Ian Jorden-Price Scholarship is funded through Ian’s immediate family and generous individual donations.
  • All graduating art students (and asthmatics) are encouraged to apply annually.
  • The Committee, in making scholarships available, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, disability or national/ethnic origin.
  • The Student must demonstrate a financial need and also hold a grade point average of C or better.
  • Students must also provide a short essay (maximum of 3 paragraphs) on how their disability has shaped them and how they plan to use their degree.
  • Students must submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or an administrator.
  • Students will be required to submit a transcript.

Administered by: Omaha Public Schools Foundation.

Toba Cohen-Dunning, Executive Director
Omaha Schools Foundation
3861 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68131.

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