Newly elected NSFA Board President, and our very own Executive Director, Toba Cohen-Dunning, attended and presented at the NSFA Conference in Nashville. Accompanying her was Board President, Steven Kinkead. Their topic was “Developing a Partnership.” They detailed the steps of building relationships within a foundation board and harnessing the power of each member to engage  through an in depth exploration and evaluation of the OPSF’s own mission, values, and vision.

The OPSF team spent nearly 9 months in discovery and rebranding of the Omaha Public Schools Foundation. Out of this has emerged not only new insights into who we are but a new logo, new brochure and information materials, new Social Media Cover Photos, a new Teacher Ambassador program, as well as a new website.

NSFA 2018 Conference

The NSFA presentation was warmly received and to the delight of Toba and Steve. The Foundation was presented with SWAG Awards for Outstanding Website developed by Kathy David and Outstanding Foundation Brochure created by Esther Mejia and Kate Revollo of eCreative Inc, a real validation of all the work that went into OPSF’s transformation.

Thanks to all the team, our Executive Director and fearless leader, Toba Cohen-Dunning, Steven Kinkead, Board President,  the OPSF Board Members, the OPSF staff, Joe Craig of SourceBurst, Esther Meija and Kate Revollo of eCreative and Kathy David of JBKDesigns.

The Foundation also teamed up with SkillsUSA students from the career center who created a promotional video for the Foundation. The opportunity to involve these bright, talented OPS students in the creative process and the foundation rebranding only serves to validate our confidence that the OPS motto rings true,  “Every Student, Every Day, Prepared for SUCCESS!”

OPS SkillsUSA Video Crew



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