Welcome Back

Welcome to the 2021-2021 School Year

Omaha Public Schools Foundation (OPSF) wants teachers and administrators to know we are here to support your curriculum goals through additional funding that broadens the classroom experience for your students.

OPSF funds learning opportunities and experiences for OPS students like:

  • Skills building programs for coding, math, and language arts development
  • Hands-on science experiments/kits, STEM kits/bins, and robotics modules
  • Educational Field Trips
  • Leadership, cultural diversity, wellness, and social development opportunities
  • Creative writing, music, and art experiences
  • Enrichment programs

2021-2022 Wish Lists (Deadline 12 noon, August 4th)

In the new school year the OPS Foundation wants teachers to know we are here for them. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to enhance your teaching curriculum and learning materials.

Thank you for sending us your wish lists. The Wish List Submission Form has now expired. Distribution of funds is under review and teachers will be notified at a date to be announced.

Invest in Success – Crowdfunding

Do you have a special project in mind that supports the OPS Strategic Plan and helps students achieve their goals, but might involve a larger budget or includes a big ticket item? The OPSF Invest in Success Crowdfunding platform might just be what you need. You see, the Foundation does not charge an administrative fee like other crowd funding sites. We’ll also help you get the word out through our social media channels.

You can apply using our simple request form.

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