This scholarship is in remembrance of Troy Lee Starks Jr. and Colleen Jo Starks. They were young parents who supported their son through a difficult childhood navigating the juvenile justice system. Our goal is to support a teen parent while also addressing the needs of their child.

Amount: Onetime $1,000 for student / $300 in support funds for their child.


  • A senior or hold senior status at Blackburn Alternative Program
  • Identified as a teen parent or an individual maintaining the role of guardian of a sibling.
  • The Scholarship award can be used for anything that will support the success of the student in pursuing post high school education.


  • Students are asked to submit a 500-word essay or video (4 min max) that explain their road to graduation, what they envision for their future (tactical steps laid out) and goal for their child and how their experience as a parent has influenced their goals for success. Essays and or videos should be sent to


  • Application opens March 19 and closes April 19; scholarship awarded May 1st.

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