Beveridge Special Education

Sarah White is a special education teacher at Beveridge Middle School. She would like to provide tools for success for the 7th grade students in special education. With the struggles that come with online learning as well as their needs in special education, Sarah would like to make school as stress free as possible. She feels that there are supplies and tools she could provide for her students that would alleviate some of their stress and help them to be more successful in the classroom. These tools would benefit the students in the areas of their IEP goals as well as in their general  education classes.

Overcoming the physical location and access issues in terms of attainment of learning goes only partway to a solution for fully inclusive education options for disabled learners, but it is an incomplete progression if the digital web interface is itself not accessible. Please help Sarah achieve her goal of providing these important tools to her students.

Sarah’s Goal is to raise $6250.00

$3000.00 will buy 30 ipad styluses.
$1700 will buy 30 ipad keyboards.
$640 will buy 30 headphones.
$120 will buy 30 ipad chargers.
$80 will buy calculators.
$50 will buy additional tools to make accessibilty a reality.

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