Ricki Getzschman Memorial Scholarship


To provide an annual scholarship to a Benson High School graduate in memory of Ricki Getzschman.

Eligible Schools:

Benson High School

Selection Criteria:

  1. The recipient shall have attended Benson High School at least two years and be a graduating senior from Benson High School.
  2. The student shall have demonstrated academic excellence ( GPA at least 3.0) and true positive participation in school and in life outside
  3. The student shall submit a two page (not to exceed three pages) essay on the REQUIRED READING linked above.
  4. The student will also provide two letters of reference, one being a teacher or an administrator.
  5. This scholarship may be used for any field of study. It may be also used for trade schools or community colleges.


One scholarship of $2500 shall be awarded annually, payable to the college or University upon the Omaha Schools Foundation’s receipt of verification of enrollment from the institution chosen by the recipient.

In Addition:

The recipient shall be awarded $2500 each of the succeeding four years upon the Foundation’s receipt of a transcript from the college or university showing the recipient has maintained a 3.0 GPA and is a student in good standing. Said award to be paid to the college or university as before. Recipient shall also provide a brief letter regarding how each year has progressed, the struggles and successes, any interesting anecdotes, changes in goals and perceptions of the world, etc.  Criteria must be met in consecutive years.  If, in any year, the recipient did not meet the criteria they will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.

Selection of Recipients by:

The Getzschman family and selected friends of the family.

Administered by:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation.

Susie Landow Memorial Scholarship

Susie Landow was a dedicated and beloved teacher in the Omaha Public Schools. This scholarship has been created by family and friends to honor her memory and provide financial assistance to a student seeking post-secondary education who had formerly attended Liberty or Jackson Elementary Schools.

Eligible Recipients:

A graduating senior from an Omaha Public High School who formerly attended Liberty or Jackson Elementary for a minimum of four years.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Student must demonstrate a financial need and submit a Scholarship financial statement.
  2. Student must submit a short essay stating their personal and professional goals, including their reason for continuing into post-secondary education.
  3. Student must submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or an administrator.
  4. Student will submit a current transcript.
  5. Student will state which years he/she attended Liberty or Jackson Elementary Schools.

Selection Process:

Selection will be made by the principal of Jackson and/or Liberty Elementary and the School’s Scholarship Selection Committee. Amount will be payable to the post-secondary institution registrar upon the Omaha Schools Foundation’s receipt of verification of enrollment from the institution chosen by the recipient. All information should be returned to OSF no later than March 24th.
Amount: $1000.00

Administered by:

Omaha Schools Foundation

Please return student’s required information to:
Toba Cohen-Dunning, Executive Director Omaha Schools Foundation
3861 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68131