Marian Martinez Memorial Scholarship


To provide a scholarship for one Latino Omaha Public Schools graduating senior for a student who demonstrates a strong work ethic, passion for volunteering in their community and helping others, and commitment to post-secondary education.


$ 2500.00

Selection Criteria:

  1. Student displays character
  2. Student holds a minimum GPA 2.75
  3. Student submits his/her transcript and resume.
  4. Student submits a short essay (500 words) which describes student’s volunteer service experience and how it embodies the spirit of Marian Martinez and her legacy.
  5. Student submits a letter of recommendation from a teacher, coach or mentor.

Selection Process:

Up to three students may be nominated by each school.  Applications that have not strictly followed the guidelines will not be considered. The recipient will be chosen by sponsors of the scholarship.  Sponsors may also wish to meet with recipient.

*Please note that the donors would like to see financial information as well as a letter of recommendation from the counselor or a teacher.

Administered By:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation.  The final recipient will be notified by letter from the OPS Foundation.  Verification of enrollment must be sent from the Registrar’s Office to the Executive Director of the OPS Foundation for disbursement of the funds.  The check will be written to your post-secondary institution.

Mick Messbarger Memorial Scholarship

The purpose of this memorial is to provide a scholarship for an OPS graduating senior from Central High School who has participated in the Central Legion Baseball Program. This scholarship is in memory of Mick Messbarger who was a dedicated coach for the Memorial Park Baseball Little League and someone who loved baseball stats, trivia and most of all the game of baseball.  (Particularly the Texas Rangers!)

Amount: $750.00

Selection Criteria:

  1. Student must have participated a minimum of three years in the Central Baseball Program.
  2. Demonstrate Character/Citizenship
  3. Minimum GPA 3.0/Self-motivated
  4. Submit Financial Aid Form
  5. Submit student’s transcript
  6. Submit a short essay (500 words) “How I plan to use my education to benefit society.”
  7. Submit a letter of recommendation from the baseball coach, teacher and/or administrator.


Process: Students will be nominated by the Central High Scholarship Committee.  Preference will be given to players who participated in the Memorial Park Little League Baseball Program. The recipient will be chosen by sponsors of the scholarship.  *Please note that the donors would like to see financial information as well as a letter of recommendation from the coach, counselor or a teacher.

Administered by: Omaha Schools Foundation

Essays Due by: March 20th

Send to:

The Nina Hill Little PhD Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Little was on the faculty at Benson High School for 11 years; first as Library Media Specialist and then as Humanities Curriculum Specialist chairing the departments of English, Social Studies, Art and Music. At the time of Dr. Little’s retirement in 1999 she had served for 15 years as Omaha Public School District’s Supervisor of Library Media Services.


To provide annual scholarships to graduating seniors from any of the Omaha Public High Schools.


$1500 payable to the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  The  scholarships will be renewable for up to four years. Verification of enrollment should be sent to the Omaha Public Schools Foundation for payment directly to the University of  Nebraska at Omaha.

Eligible Recipients:

Graduating seniors must be enrolling in the University of  Nebraska at Omaha program leading to a teaching degree in School Library with the intention of working in a public school library setting. Renewable up to four years if a 3.0 GPA is maintained with a continued focus on School Library education.  Transcript must be sent to Omaha Public Schools Foundation annually for scholarship renewal.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Recipient must be academically capable of succeeding in college.
  2. Recipient must be of good character and citizenship.
  3. Recipient must have been involved in volunteer activities while in high school.
  4. Recipient must possess a commitment to post-secondary education at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in the field of School Library education.
  5. Recipient must submit a one-page essay on each of the following two topics: “What role have libraries played in your life?” and “Why are you considering school librarianship as a profession?”

Selection Process:

Dr. Nina Little will make the selection but upon her passing the Omaha Public Schools Foundation’s Executive Committee will make the selection.

 Administered by:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation


Norris Middle School Scholarship Fund

OPS Norris Middle School Red Birds Purpose:

To provide a scholarship for a graduating OPS senior who attended Norris Middle School for at least one academic year.


$500 payable to an accredited 2 or 4-year post-secondary institution. 

Eligible Recipients:

Any graduating senior from the Omaha Public Schools who attended Norris for at least two full years and who is graduating with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Verification of enrollment should be sent for the check to be disbursed to the institution.


US Mail to:
Omaha Public Schools Foundation,
3861 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE  68131
Selection Criteria:

  1. Minimum 2.5 GPA at graduation
  2. Completed application submitted to committee
  3. Submission of essay “What does it mean to be a Norris Redbird? How did attending Norris affect you as a person or student?”

 Administered by:

Norris Middle School Scholarship Committee and the Omaha Public Schools Foundation 

Omaha North High Alumni Legacy Scholarship


  • Must be a graduating senior from Omaha North High School
  • Must prove financial need
  • Preference will be given to students who reside in the 68111 zip code
  • Preference will be given to students who are African American, Hispanic American, Native American or LGBTQ.


The student can apply by contacting the Omaha North guidance office and the deadline is April 19th.


This scholarship is administered by the Omaha Public Schools Foundation. Donations can be made online by using the link below or a check written to:

The Omaha Public Schools Foundation
3861 Farnam St.
Omaha, NE 68131
Attention: Omaha North High Alumni Legacy Scholarship

Ricki Getzschman Memorial Scholarship


To provide an annual scholarship to a Benson High School graduate in memory of Ricki Getzschman.

Eligible Schools:

Benson High School

Selection Criteria:

  1. The recipient shall have attended Benson High School at least two years and be a graduating senior from Benson High School.
  2. The student shall have demonstrated academic excellence ( GPA at least 3.0) and true positive participation in school and in life outside
  3. The student shall submit a two page (not to exceed three pages) essay on the REQUIRED READING linked above.
  4. The student will also provide two letters of reference, one being a teacher or an administrator.
  5. This scholarship may be used for any field of study. It may be also used for trade schools or community colleges.


One scholarship of $2500 shall be awarded annually, payable to the college or University upon the Omaha Schools Foundation’s receipt of verification of enrollment from the institution chosen by the recipient.

In Addition:

The recipient shall be awarded $2500 each of the succeeding four years upon the Foundation’s receipt of a transcript from the college or university showing the recipient has maintained a 3.0 GPA and is a student in good standing. Said award to be paid to the college or university as before. Recipient shall also provide a brief letter regarding how each year has progressed, the struggles and successes, any interesting anecdotes, changes in goals and perceptions of the world, etc.  Criteria must be met in consecutive years.  If, in any year, the recipient did not meet the criteria they will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.

Selection of Recipients by:

The Getzschman family and selected friends of the family.

Administered by:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation.