Core Bank Scholarship


To provide a scholarship for an Omaha Public Schools graduating senior from Benson, Bryan and South High Schools to a student who demonstrates a strong work ethic, passion for volunteering in their community and helping others, and commitment to post-secondary education.


$2,000.00 each

Selection Criteria:

  1. Character/Citizenship
  2.  Minimum GPA 2.75/Self-motivated
  3.  Submit Financial Aid Form
  4.  Submit student’s transcript and resume
  5.  Submit a short essay (500 words) Describe a volunteer opportunity you have been involved in that demonstrates passion and willingness to serve your community and to help others.
  6.  Submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or administrator.



Up to three students may be nominated by each school.  Applications that have not strictly followed the guidelines will not be considered. The recipient will be chosen by sponsors of the scholarship.  Sponsors may also wish to meet with recipient.

*Please note that the donors would like to see financial information as well as a letter of recommendation from the counselor or a teacher.


By:  Omaha Public Schools Foundation

All information Due To:     
Toba Cohen-Dunning, Executive Director
Omaha Public Schools Foundation
By: March 1, 2022

Soaring Eagles Pathway Scholarship

This scholarship will benefit a graduating OPS senior who spent their K-12 education attending Spring Lake Magnet, Marrs Magnet and Omaha South High School.


To provide a scholarship for a graduating Senior who has attended Spring Lake, Marrs, and South and is bi-literate in both English and Spanish


  1. Must have an unweighted GPA of 2.5-3.25- through Senior Year (first semester)
  2. Must have spent fours years at South High School and a minimum of 6 years between Spring Lake Magnet and Marrs Magnet
  3. Must provide two letters of recommendation-one from a staff member of a Pathway School (Spring Lake, Marrs or South) & 1 letter from a non-relative who can speak to the student’s character and community involvement.
  4. Must provide a current official transcript.
  5. Student must be bi-literate in English/Spanish.
  6. Must provide a 500 word essay in English-“How will you use your passion to serve others?”
  7. Must provide a 500 word essay in Spanish-“How will your bi-literate skills benefit your passion to make the world a better place?”


A $1000 scholarship will be provided to a student chosen by the Soaring Eagles Committee.


An award letter will be presented to the recipient at the Omaha South High School Scholarship Awards Night by scholarship committee member(s). Verification of enrollment directly from the College/University should be sent to:

The Omaha Public Schools Foundation Scholarship Office
3861 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE 68131

Stewards of the Future Scholarship


To provide financial assistance to a student seeking post-secondary education in the fields of engineering or education. The Rozmus family believes in advocating for continued education and are strong supporters of Omaha South High School. Supporting the growth of future engineers and educators will foster a culture of young people who will have the skills to solve complex problems and develop a love for learning.

Eligible Schools:                     

Omaha South High School


  1. 50% based on scholastic ability
  2. 50% based on need
  3. Preference will be given to students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering or education at an accredited post-secondary institution in Nebraska.
  4. Student shall be heavily involved in the community or extracurricular activities.


Renewable $2,000 scholarship

The scholarship is payable to the institution chosen by the recipient upon verification of enrollment sent to the offices of the Omaha Schools Foundation. The scholarship is renewable for three years based on a grade point average of 2.8. Current transcripts must be sent to the Omaha Schools Foundation for subsequent payments each year.

Selection Process:                      

The principal and scholarship committee of each high school will recommend the top two students. Recommendations will be sent to the Omaha Public Schools Foundation, which will forward them to the Rozmus family for a final selection.