To invest and support low-income students in the Omaha metro area seeking post-secondary education.


Every willing student should have access to support in obtaining post-secondary education, no matter the economic or social challenges they face. Society is ever changing, especially in regards to education. Over time, potential students from all spectrums have been given more access to a quality education compared to those of the past. Increased access to education still hasn’t alleviated roadblocks and determinants that push potential students out of pursuing post-secondary education. One of those determinants is lower income individuals.

The ZCT Scholarship was founded by Alexandria Talich in 2020 to help push more students into post-secondary education. The ZCT scholarship will provide a $500 per year scholarship to low income students who are pursuing an education at a four-year college, community college or trade program.


$250.00 per semester for two semesters, must maintain a 2.5 GPA

Selection Criteria: 

  1. Fill out the OPSF Scholarship Application.
  2. Submit student’s transcript
  3. Submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or administrator.
  4. Please provide FAFSA/SAR report regarding financial need
  5. Student must attend an accredited post-secondary institution (including all community colleges and trade schools).
  6. Submit an essay discussing any hardships you’ve endured during your high school career (personal and/or financial), and what/who has motivated you to further your education. No word minimum. Preference will be given to students who are male and consider themselves minorities.

Selection Process:

All OPS graduating seniors, including those who have taken classes through the Career Center and alternative schools are eligible.  Recipient will be chosen by the Crawford-Talich Family.  First installment of the scholarship will be sent to the recipient’s school of choice upon receipt of verification of enrollment by that institution.  Verification should be sent to…

Omaha Public Schools Foundation
3861 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE  68131

Administered By:     

The Omaha Public Schools Foundation


If you would like to make a contribution to this scholarship fund, please use the secure form below. Checks may also be mailed to:

Omaha Public Schools Foundation
3861 Farnam Street
Omaha, NE  68131
Attention: ZCT Scholarship Fund

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